About The Eco Label

Taking a positive step towards a low carbon and climate resilient society

The Carbon Protocol of South Africa is a Not for Profit Organisation with a mission to “raise awareness and facilitate the transition to a climate resilient society.”

The Carbon Protocol of South Africa has a successful portfolio including a Carbon Neutral logo and a carbon credit platform for Programmes of Activities (PoAs) recognised by the UNFCCC. The Carbon Protocol has to date played an important role in the journey towards a low carbon economy for various entities.  However in response to the increased awareness of climate change we want to recognize the steps taken by various project developers, not just those involved in carbon credits.  Due to direct and repeated requests for support in this regard the Carbon Protocol of South Africa would support informative environmental self- declarations with a new and dedicated platform.

This Eco-Label platform would allow for informative Self-declared Environmental Claims (Type II Environmental Labelling).  Various standards or agreements can be used for self-declared environmental claims.

Self-declared Environmental Claims are made by manufacturers, importers, distributors or implementers relating to goods or services produced.  These claims are made without independent third-party certification and do not use pre-determined/accepted criteria for reference. For this reason they are arguably the least informative of the three types of environmental labels.  However Type II environmental labels support positive environmental action and create awareness regarding smaller niche environmental initiatives while informing the general public on environmentally responsible alternatives.