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BluemoonFor the fourth year in a row, Blue Moon Corporate Communications has received a carbon neutral rating, thus securing itself as one of the companies leading the green revolution in corporate South Africa.

At 25 years old, the business continues to be guided by its values of ‘fresh, true and brave’, which is evident in the way Blue Mooners embraced the idea of sustainability four years ago and have managed to reduce their CO2 footprints by 60% year-on-year.

A fresh approach to sustainability

In a ‘cut and paste’ industry characterised by reduced, reused and recycled ideas and products, the need to distinguish a strong brand with a relevant offering is fundamental to staying in business. Coupled with this is the growing corporate pressure to demonstrate a genuine green conscience and a sustainable plan to back it up. The challenge is to find the balance between innovation and sustainability, and the enabler is an engaged workforce who understands the corporate vision, and what they need to do to achieve it. A healthy, profitable organisation is one where every employee is aligned with the company’s strategy and committed to executing it in the most authentic way, as a champion of the corporate cause.

With a turbulent economic climate comes an accelerated level of corporate mistrust, making it even more important to earn that trust through an honest and transparent business approach. Blue Moon Corporate Communications is one such organisation. With a fully disclosed and subsequently neutralised carbon footprint for four years running, our clients are more inclined to believe that we know what we’re doing when we talk sustainability because Blue Moon really is ‘green’ at heart.

What does this mean for our clients?

Many organisations, both locally and internationally, are facing increasing regulatory and reputational challenges surrounding their green credentials. Sustainability disclosure is now a standard requirement for large corporations and smaller businesses are realising that they too need to address these issues to remain competitive. In turn, this creates a natural fit for suppliers who demonstrate their good corporate citizenship by consciously working towards carbon neutrality. Being ‘green at heart’ at Blue Moon implies a workforce that is aligned with the goal of delivering inspiring corporate engagement that is, in itself, inspired by a sustainable approach. The only way to achieve this with any measure of authenticity is to practise it until it is ingrained in the rhythm of day to day business.

Making green real

Blue Moon recently undertook its fourth year-on-year carbon audit, which confirmed an ever-reducing carbon footprint. We achieved an absolute reduction in our Scope One, Two and Three emissions of 2% for the period. “To give some perspective to this achievement, the carbon footprint of each Blue Mooner reduced by 60%,” explains Stephen Scrimgeour, Corporate Sustainability and Green Building Consultant at Earth Patrol – the company responsible for conducting Blue Moon’s annual carbon audit. “This is equivalent to the amount of carbon removed by 25 trees over their lifetime,” he continues.

Fresh, true and brave champions of sustainability

“In keeping with their values and commitment to effectively manage their environmental impact, Blue Moon has offset this past year’s footprint by investing in a local energy efficiency social carbon programme. As a result, Blue Moon remains South Africa’s only carbon neutral events management and corporate communications company,” Scrimgeour affirms.

Valuable lessons

Blue Moon was chosen to produce the first carbon neutral event of its kind for Hisense SA when they launched their new factory in Cape Town last year. The lessons learned along the way were certainly enlightening: green events are not only possible in any industry, but they can also be cost-effective! This realisation is shaping the way we now look at every new business opportunity, with a ‘green at heart’ default to our way of doing business rather than an optional extra on the side.

Leaders in green

What may have started out as an initiative close to the heart of Blue Moon’s core ethos four years ago has grown into a valuable differentiator for our brand. In transforming our business into a lean and green operation, we are now in the privileged position to share this value with the socially and environmentally responsible brands we interact with, and educate those who are not. As a carbon neutral service provider, we’ve adopted precompetitive sustainability as a strategic position.

The business risks posed by a carbon tax, increasing resource costs and insecure supply concerns can only be addressed by understanding that every business is part of a greater system. At Blue Moon, we’ve decided that leading the conversation and using our position to influence our stakeholders is the most valuable role we can play in our industry.

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