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Who is behind Climate Neutral Group?

We’re a social venture that strives towards a 100% climate-neutral world. Our mission is to help as many organisations as possible to make the transition to climate-neutrality and to develop climate-neutral services and products for their customers. Every organisation emits greenhouse gases, some more than others – and this has an unfortunate, negative impact on our climate. That’s why we guide you step by step along the path towards developing, designing, and implementing a climate-neutral product, event or business.

South Africa’s first carbon offset programme for accommodation establishments.

Does your B&B, guesthouses or hotel face the challenge of meeting guest expectations for sustainable operations, while trying to hold down costs? As far as sustainability measures go, a carbon offset programme is one of the easiest ones to implement.

Hoteliers are often discouraged to implement an offset programme as they are unsure where to start or how best to go about it. By participating in the Greendreams offset programme everything is taken care of, allowing hotels to add value to their guest’s experience without compromising on their comfort.

The benefits

Offering a carbon offset programme is an easy and cost-effective way to:

  • Boost your CSI ratings and BEE scorecard
  • Offer businesses what they are demanding: green business meetings and hotel stays
  • Make green-minded guests feel better about their travelling

Offsetting with Greendreams TM

With the launch of GreendreamsTM, it is now easier than ever for accommodation establishments to offer a carbon offset programme to their guests. GreendreamsTM, developed by Climate Neutral Group and in collaboration with the Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme, is South Africa’s first carbon offset programme for accommodation establishments.

By displaying the Greendreams logo, hotels can confidently claim that the carbon emissions of their guests stay has been offset with much needed clean energy projects elsewhere in the country. Hotels can end up reducing emissions and enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable communities by giving them access to cleaner, safer and more reliable energy.

More information?

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Offsetting your business travel via your travel agent.

Business travel can form a large part of a company’s carbon footprint. Offsetting the business flights within your company is an effective way to reduce your climate impact. Offsetting ensures that your COemissions are reduced or avoided elsewhere. In many cases, it is possible to have your business flights offset automatically via your travel agent instead of having to arrange it afterwards.

Offsetting with climate projects

There are a number of sustainable alternatives to flying and driving, but these are unfortunately not yet fully developed or available. Offsetting is, therefore, a great tool to reduce your unavoidable emissions elsewhere. This can be done by investing in one of our offset projects in South Africa or abroad. These projects not only reduce carbon emissions but also enhance the quality of life for local communities.

Offsetting via your travel agent

In order to make offsetting as easy as possible, your travel agent can do it for you.  In this way, every flight you book will have its carbon emissions automatically calculated and offset. The small additional cost is included in the invoice you receive from your travel agent, along with other extras such as airport taxes and fuel surcharges. Further, as the offset is included in the ticket price it is tax deductible, making the offset, even more, cost-effective.

We work with a growing network of travel management companies abroad that have expanded their booking system with our unique Greenseat offsetting module. In South Africa the following travel companies offer Greenseat:

More information?

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