Offset your personal CO2 emissions

If you are concerned about climate change and poverty in the developing world, you can make a difference by purchasing Verified Emission Reduction (VER) certificates from our innovative projects that tackle poverty and environmental degradation.

How does it work?

Envirotrade’s VERs are generated from carbon sequestration linked to rural community land-use change and forest management. A democratically-elected local community council decides how the project community’s co-operative tree planting and subsequent carbon revenues are spent, and a community trust fund administers revenues.

The transformation is closely monitored by the Plan Vivo Foundation using methodologies developed by the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM) to ensure that targets for sequestration and poverty alleviation are met.

Make a difference.

A purchase of Envirotrade’s VERs is not simply a cynical mechanism to let first-world polluters off the hook – it gives forest communities in countries like Mozambique a real chance to build sustainable livelihoods and protect the environment. It brings those of us in the developed world who are concerned about our own environmental impact into a unique partnership with communities who wish to conserve their environment and end poverty.

What do I do?

Envirotrade sells carbon credits to individuals and organisations that wish to offset their carbon dioxide emissions to reduce global climate change. The volume of the transaction is determined by the carbon footprint you wish to offset. Our certificates mean that you can personally make a difference by participating in an innovative project that tackles poverty and environmental degradation head on.

If you choose to offset your emissions with us, we will send you a certificate showing what you have done and will  keep you informed about progress in this project.

How much do I need to offset?

There are a number of online carbon footprint calculators which you can use to quantify your own emission of greenhouse gases as a first step to transforming both your lifestyle and that of forest communities in sub-Saharan Africa. One example is the Carbon Trust’s carbon footprint calculator, which can be accessed here.

Here are some examples to give you some idea of what your carbon footprint could look like:

  • 2-litre petrol car driven 20 000 km per annum: 2 tonnes CO2
  • Short-haul flight: 0.6 tonnes CO2
  • Long-haul flight: 3.75 tonnes CO2
  • Average household energy consumption per annum: 6 tonnes CO2

These amounts are given as guidelines – you can use available online calculators to work out the volume of your own personal footprint.

Whether you are interested in offsetting your personal carbon emissions or emissions from large-scale or business-related activities, for example from a fleet of cars or a manufacturing process that generates CO2, please contact us directly.

How much will it cost?

We sell Verified Emission Reduction certificates from our projects to offset both personal and corporate emissions. They are priced according to market-based values subject to readjustment on a regular basis and reflect investment in poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation.

Once you have used a calculator to work out your personal footprint, please contact us and we will advise you of current market pricing for the volume of offsets you would like to purchase.

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