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Food & Trees for Africa

Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) is South Africa’s social and environmental enterprise improving lives and landscapes towards healthy people on a healthier planet. Since 1990, over 4.2 million trees, thousands of natural food gardens, some bamboo projects and organic farms have been planted for poor communities. FTFA has been a pioneer of climate change response, mitigation and adaptation, launching the first South African carbon calculator, the Carbon Protocol of South Africa and the Climate Change Leadership Awards, and is the African Branch Manager for the Climate Reality Project and partner for the first African Climate Leadership Corps Training.

Working in partnership, and with the support, endorsement and cooperation of government, the private and public sectors, aid agencies, organisations, media and individuals, FTFA now runs six programmes: Trees for All, Trees for Homes, Food Gardens for Africa, Bamboo for Africa, EduPlant and FEED Africa. These lead to healthier lives for impoverished communities, more sustainable green environments and increased awareness of how human beings impact the planet and what can be done to mitigate this.

FTFA runs six very successful programmes:

Trees for All

  • This is a successful and effective programme that greens, educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms schools and other community centres into healthier more sustainable environments
  • With a multitude of benefits, trees should not be a luxury, they should be a right. Every tree counts
  • Costs per tree for this programme are R100 all inclusive.

Trees for Homes

  • Registered under the Carbon Protocol of South Africa and internationally for Verified Emission Reductions through the Verified Carbon Standard
  • Provides trees to low cost housing settlements specifically
  • Provides skills, training and job opportunities for Community Educators (CEs) and increases environmental and climate change awareness through the CEs locally
  • Costs per tree for this programme are R100 all inclusive.

Food Gardens for Africa

  • Food gardens are essential for ensuring food security, especially in urban areas and at schools
  • As climate change affects large scale agricultural yields and food prices rise the need for food gardens grows
  • Permaculture Starter Packs (PSPs) offer the basic tools and resources to facilitate motivated communities to productive functional food gardens
  • Costs depend on training and tools delivered and are from PSP level one at R17 500, PSP level two at R35 000 to PSP level three at R55 000
  • Long term Permaculture projects can range between R100 000 to R250 000, depending on the area and needs of the community.

Bamboo for Africa

  • Registered under the Carbon Protocol of South Africa and internationally as for Verified Emission Reductions through the Verified Carbon Standard
  • Bamboo’s unique growing capacity makes it a valuable carbon sink: a single bamboo clump can accumulate as much as 1.7 TCO2 over a seven year planning cycle. This is the highest rate for any soil grown plant
  • FTFA offers carbon offset opportunities at R75 per ton through the development of bamboo sites, and ED and SED through the development of growing cooperatives, at a cost of R90 per bamboo plant
  • Ideally Bamboo for Africa is implemented with the following FEED programme.

FEED Africa

  • The need for food security and sustainable livelihoods among the poor is crucial, therefore the time is ripe for a new agrarian transformation. FEED Africa can change the lives of millions
  • FEED Africa, in its simplest form, develops four hectares of land for a selected number of emerging organic farmers. These projects increase in scale from this point onwards, and are implemented with support in management, training, mentorship and marketing
  • FEED’s three to five year plan instills a culture of business practice amongst small farmers, so that they can ultimately run their projects as independent businesses
  • Budgets that could apply for a model “Core Farm” start at R2.1 million for year one. However, this needs to be confirmed by a feasibility study and budgeted on a project by project basis due to the varying size of farms, circumstances and number of people.


  • EduPlant is the South African schools’ food gardening and greening programme and competition that was started by FTFA in 1994
  • It began as a simple greening competition in the Gauteng province only, it has developed into one of the most effective national school programmes in the country, focusing on sustainable development through greening and Permaculture food gardening
  • EduPlant is funded by Engen and the Woolworths Trust and FTFA coordinates the programme nationally.

For a complete list of FTFA’s history, development partners, board members, patrons, employees, projects, products, media, financial statements and more, please refer to our website

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