Carbon Protocol of SA – Management Position

The Carbon Protocol of SA is a not-for-profit organisation establishing a collaborative platform of concerned and interested parties that set consistent and transparent benchmarks to calculate, verify and report on greenhouse gas emissions.

The Carbon Protocol of SA requires a multi-skilled individual who has a passion for climate change to manage the innovative planned projects and lead the organisation into the next exciting phase of its development.

The position is for two days per week and is based in Johannesburg. The candidate will be guided by and report to the Board of Directors.


The South African carbon sector is growing rapidly and therefore the successful candidate will be a professional with broad-based management capabilities. The list below summarises the main skills required:


  1. Knowledge of issues surrounding climate change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.
  2. Knowledge of carbon accounting standards e.g. ISO 14 064, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and PAS 2050 as well as an understanding of carbon neutrality standards such as PAS 2060.


  1. Excellent administrative and organisational skills, with the ability to manage complex project deliverables across multiple simultaneous client engagements.
  2. Excellent communication skills, with the ability to speak and present information with confidence in front of an audience, lead workshops and represent the Carbon Protocol of SA at sector related events.
  3. Proven ability to develop strong long-term client relationships, with a track-record of working effectively and confidently with client executives.
  4. An ability to create networks of customers across existing and potential clients. A strong corporate and industrial sector network would be favourable.
  5. Sound business development skills.
  6. Effective writing skills, with the ability to write concise well-structured documents and reports.

This is an opportunity for the accomplished manager to apply their experience and lead an organisation at the forefront of the development of the rapidly evolving carbon sector in South Africa.   A senior researcher with an interest in maintaining direct regulatory and organisational contact would also fit the profile.

Please email your CV and application by 6 June 2016.