Register as a Carbon Assessor

Assessors need to apply to become a member of the Carbon Protocol of South Africa. This can be done by registering online. See below link to register. There will be a charge of R1500 for an individual to become an Assessor and R2500 for an organisation. Assessors will need to sign an Assessor Appointment Agreement in which they undertake to act in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and/or PAS2050 and they will be held liable if found not to comply with these guidelines. Registered Assessors will be asked to sign an Assessor Appointment Agreement available from Carbon Protocol.


Assessor Appointment Agreement

Please only fill in this agreement after you have registered as an assessor and have received an email from the Carbon Protocol authorizing you to fill in this agreement. Once you have completed the agreement please initial each page and sign the last and then scan it in an email it to