Solar PV Operations and Maintenance

Acquire the knowledge and skills to ensure continuous energy yield and optimal performance of a solar PV plant This O&M course focuses on potential issues and how to develop procedures for dealing with them in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The learners will gain an understanding of the maintenance of a PV plant, which is essential to maximize both energy yield and the plant’s useful life.
Solar PV Installation

Solar PV Installation Course

Learn all steps involved in a solar PV installation including the pitfalls to consider before and during the installation. Get trained by professionals in the industry and gain installation skills that can be applied immediately in the field. Learn to understand the typical tests to perform when commissioning a solar PV plant.
Solar PV Feasibility Assessment

Solar PV Feasibility Assessment Course

Learn the important steps of an initial financial and technical feasibility assessment of a residential and commercial solar PV system. The rising costs of electricity supply and risks of energy security is making renewable energy attractive, particularly solar photovoltaics (PV) as an alternative, environmentally friendly and reliable energy source. Understand how to conduct a feasibility study on the costs of solar pv power systems and project the yield and system cost perspectives.