Why Join the Carbon Protocol of SA?

The Carbon Protocol of South Africa was established as a collaborative entity of concerned and interested parties within South Africa, with the aim of raising awareness and facilitating the transition to a climate resilient society. We invite all concerned and interested parties to join us in transitioning South Africa to the low carbon economy.

Carbon Assessors

  • List your company among the leading role players in the carbon management sector in South Africa
  • Access to information sharing platform in this evolving industry
  • Become part of a community that is changing the way we do business in South Africa
  • Register with the Carbon Protocol and become a member of the South African hub of carbon assessment

Offset Providers

  • List your project among the leading offset projects in South Africa
  • Gain maximum exposure and support for your offset project
  • Subscribe to ICROA principles and support the ethical procurement of carbon credits.
  • Register with the Carbon Protocol and increase exposure to your offset project.

Carbon Neutral Companies

  • Enhance brand equity through being part of South Africa’s first recognised national carbon standard
  • Ensure you are using credible footprint and offset providers.
  • Be seen as a leader in carbon neutrality in South Africa
  • Advocate and encourage your competitors to go carbon neutral

UNFCCC Programme for Activities (PoA)

  • Safe and credible platform for your project under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • The Carbon Protocol of South Africa is the Coordinating and Managing Entity (CME) for the PoA and remains independent and objective
  • Each PoA is managed by a Management Committee constituted in terms of the Operational agreement.